Monday, June 29, 2009


This is a late post, and I am saddened that this tragedy had come to place. The first time I heard about this tragedy is right when the news had broken out. I just came out from the post office, and I was about to enter my bf's car. A lady parked at the right side of our car had her driver's window rolled down. She had this weird look on her face that was indescribable. Her head turned towards me, and she asked me a simple question..."Did you know Michael Jackson just died?" I didn't feel anything at that moment because reality didn't come to me yet. I see Michael Jackson as this immortal person whose music I listened to since I was just a child. I remember all his greatest hit. I responded back to the lady and said "No. really? I didn't know that," I answered with composure. I had this slanted smile on my face for some reason because I thought it was a joke. I surely didn't know what I was thinking. Reality still did not hit me yet at that time. I thought that the radio will announce that it was just pretend and life can be normal again...

MJ didn't know how much people he have affected. I do not understand how some of the people make rude comments and jokes regarding about his looks, his personality, his parenting skills and then all of a sudden he gains all this. Why do human nature always show how much we care when it is too late? MJ should have had all these respect when he was still alive. I am saddened for his family. Imagine... the whole world mourns for his death, and we all feel the pain. Imagine the impact this had on his family. They feel more hurt than we do. I feel deeply shattered inside that someone who I know but have not met is gone.

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Edna said...

I was never really a "big" fan of MJ, but he has become one of America's (or the world, in that case) more influencial musical and dance icon. Although his death didn't really effect me as much as his fans, it had saddened me. RIP MJ.