Friday, April 24, 2009

N.Y.X cream blushes

I totally need to start using these blushes! They are gorgeous... I got them a while quite back.

Look what I found! I was cleaning out my vanity and I saw these! I got them from philippines a long time ago for only a dollar! So adorable!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pink/Green Look

So I did a pink/green Look. I didn't do the steps to this look.

Items Used on EYES
1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance as base.
2. Mac Creme Royal e/s on the inner corner of my eyes & brow bone.
3. Jesse's Girl Volcanic e/s on the upper part of the lids.
4. L'oreal Hip Cream Teal Liner on the bottom water line.
5. Mac Teal Pigment on the bottom water line to smooth out the cream liner.
6. L'oreal Hip Cream Black Liner on the upper lash line.
7. Any black or gray e/s to smooth out the black liner.

Items Used: Lips
1. Carmex
2. Mac HK Cute-ster

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to: Neutral Look

Start off with a clean/fresh face. I used Eskinol with Vit. C to tone my skin. I love this toner. It takes off all the dirt and gives me a nice glow. Just be careful... it makes your skin kind of dry so you need a good moisturizer. I use this ever morning and night.

Next, I use a BB cream sample that I got, with spf 30, as a foundation. I really want to try out this product first before buying it. So far it's ok. The sample the lady gave me from the HK store is kind of light for me skintone. I already ordered the legere BB cream white from ebay, and hopefully that one matches my skin. The sample I used makes a great concealer though.

I used Maybelline Dream Mousse shadow in Vanilla as an e/s base and brow highlight. I love this base. It gives that nice shimmer on my lids.

This is my new fave E/s. Mac eye shadow in Yogurt was applied on the upper lid. and the inner corner of my eyes.

I choosed Mac satin taupe as the main color & to be applied on the out V for a nice neutral look. This is another fave. e/s of mine. Thanks to pinkyxanna for this suggestion! :)

I applied Jane brown liner, and used Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara. I love the jane brow liner better than the L'oreal hip b/c it doesn't dry out and make eye liner clumps. The Cover Girl lash Blash is the best mascara of all! I won't go into details b/c I know you guys have heard about this product many times. !!!!

Here's a before and after without using any lip balm. I only applied Mac HK cute-ster. I love this lipstick! It's so moisturizing, and it doesn't dry out my lip. I love the color! It's sheer but it gives a hint of neutral pink all over my lips :P

I applied Mac MSF gleeful blush on the apple of my cheeks to give it a nice color,, but not a too over powerful look.

Then........there you go! I nice neutral everyday look! Hope you guys like it! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Clothing Haul

Here's my clothing haul :) haha that frozen image of me looks hella funny! I tried changing it but there's something wrong with youtube and the frozen image won't change to the one I selected...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spa, Shopping, Facial

hey guys! well I have to update this since I said I was going to. I actually typed up a lot for this post when I posted it, but there was something wrong with this site and it deleted the whole freaking thing. So it took me a while to update because it made me lazy! So my cc-workers and I went to Burke Williams Spa. I got a special spa facial or something like that. Ahhh i loveeee it. I love the sauna, the steam room, the service, everything about! It's nice to go there if you feel like spoiling your self. My skin felt so smooth afterwards. After that we dressed up in their vanity room. It was so cute! We went shopping and ate out at Cheese Cake Factory after wards. ahh i spent so much money! Last month and this month! ahhh. I need to start saving again. But I really want this luis vuiton or chanel bag! argh It cost almost $2000. I'm still thinking if I should get it or not. My bf said he'll get it for me at the end of the year but I want to buy it with my own money right now! lol

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey guys! I haven't been updating lately. Sorry about that. I'll update you guys on more hauls later on. Plus, I'm going tomorrow @ Burke Williams spa. I'm going to get a spa style facial, then go shopping and eat out! I'll take pictures there! I'm super excited!

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