Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sephora Haul!

This is how my package came like.... I ordered a couple of items from the Sephora Website. I prefer ordering from there instead of the store now because they give me free samples each time I order. The only bad thing about ordring from the website is that it takes a week for the package to come. Also, you can't try it on. So if I were you, go to a Sephora store and try the items that you want and you can order online instead! They give free shipping if you spend over $50. If I were you, just buy another item to make your order total to the amount of $50 and return it to the store. They offer free returns. So here is my haul....

The Items that I bought are
-O-Glow from Smashbox ($26)
-Dr. Feelgood balm from benefit ($28)

3 sample that I got are: (free)
1) j'adore Eau de Parfum
2) Anastasua Brow Powder Duo
3) Philosophy Purity Made Simple

I also got a free Laura Geller primer deluxe sample because I spent over $100. Plus, they also gave me a Photo Finish light tube sample by entering a code at checkout! awesome!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Abcgrrrl is amazing! Follow her! She is having a giveaway, and I'm so inlove with the freebies. Check it out

Shopping Spree!

ahhh I've been on a shopping spree lately... I went shopping again ahhh. I really need to save some money! I want to show you guys my haul; however it's too much so I want to make a video instead. I went to Glandale mall today and bought so much clothes for summer. I really need to stop spending AND start saving! Watch out for a video soon! I've been lazy to make any videos lately. :(

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Fashion Idol: Vanessa Hudgens

Seriously! i've been following this girl's style for years! i love her casual to candle light dinner looks. Here she is on May 5 2009 at Melrose wearing a cute orange outfit and pig tails. This girl looks absolutely great in anything she wears as an example below.

Pictures are from

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sophia Bush at my work place

ok this is a late entry, but since I've been blogging & blabbing the whole day I might as well name drop right? So I saw Sophia Bush a few weeks ago at the place where I work. A lot of celebrities visit my work place such as Eva Mendez, Kirsten Dunst, and many more. I didn't even know who Sophia was until one of my co-workers mentioned what show she was in. I was totally stunned... but NOT by who she is... my jaw just dropped of how weirded out I was of how I am so not caught up in today's society. I do not even listen to the latest popular music. I have no idea who the hell the Jonas Brother's are, (please don't hate me. I just found out who they were last year). Who is Taylor Swift? Seriously, I had no clue after two months ago. I feel like I am losing my youth! I need to catch up and actually start listening to the radio on my way to work, watch T.V, or read the latest gossip forums while I am at home. I did not know that when I started working that I would space out two years of the entertainment industry. IMAGINE THAT! I use to laugh at this one kid who sat next to me during middle school because he did not know who Britney Spears was. Now, I feel like that kid. I know I should not even make a big deal about this. My life does not revolve around them. I just want to know for my own sake and sanity who these people are.
p.s plus i'm going to work on a new video soon! I am going to show you guys how to get that sexy hair by teasing! Hopefully i'll be able to make it tomorrow.

Fashion equals health? I don't think so

I must be crazy by posting this ad up, but I definitely agree with Karl Lagerfeld's view on this whole ordeal. Fashion simply distance themselves when it comes to anorexia or unhealthy dieting. However, isn't true that we simply crave and keep shooting to lose 1 more pound to fit ourselves into that adorable dress? If you ask me, health is one of the factors to why I want to shed off pounds; however, it is not the main reason. I honestly just want to look great and be gorgeous when wearing that one dress! I don't think about eating healthy nor wanting to be vegan! I do it all for fashion and looking beautiful! I want to feel accepted! Now, ask yourself what you really want.

My Style: Cute Outfits

OMG! I'm inlove with the new collection that Forever 21 came out with. These outfits simply describe my style. I love flowy, comfortable, & simple on the go clothing. All together, these outfits are cheap. I can't wait to go to the mall and try these items on! *Excitement*

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dior Addict High Shine Review

So today I went to Sephora with my boyfriend to return a Dior Addict high shine lippy that ibought. But i was having doubts about keeping it because it was too expensive. oh wellll....I just decided to keep it because I rarely find any lip sticks that I really love. While I was at Sephora I found another lippy that i adored! ahh I decided to buy it. It's another dior lippy but instead it's an ultra-gloss reflect in beige ruban. I simply love this lip gloss because it gives me that nude look!

So after the mall, my bf and I went to PinkBerry... yummy!!!! ahh I want more. I love granola topping and fruits on my yogurt. Delicious!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Look what I Made!

i hand made it!