Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sephora Haul!

This is how my package came like.... I ordered a couple of items from the Sephora Website. I prefer ordering from there instead of the store now because they give me free samples each time I order. The only bad thing about ordring from the website is that it takes a week for the package to come. Also, you can't try it on. So if I were you, go to a Sephora store and try the items that you want and you can order online instead! They give free shipping if you spend over $50. If I were you, just buy another item to make your order total to the amount of $50 and return it to the store. They offer free returns. So here is my haul....

The Items that I bought are
-O-Glow from Smashbox ($26)
-Dr. Feelgood balm from benefit ($28)

3 sample that I got are: (free)
1) j'adore Eau de Parfum
2) Anastasua Brow Powder Duo
3) Philosophy Purity Made Simple

I also got a free Laura Geller primer deluxe sample because I spent over $100. Plus, they also gave me a Photo Finish light tube sample by entering a code at checkout! awesome!!!


Iyah said...

I have the O-Glow before.. Really great for summer! I also like ordering online because of e-bates! :)

ilovepink said...

katrinaaaaaaa <3 i love ya

i love ur haul babe! =D when are we going to shop?