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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

continuation of my Valentines Day!

Guess what I did on V-day! I went to A&W restaurant with my bf's family for lunch. OMG they ordered sooo much food! There were so many left overs left. Ahh i wanted to take pictures but they might think i'm weird lol. Anywayz, after we ate my bf & I went to Topanga Mall again lol. Yes I am a mall rat! We walked around and we went to the Sanrio store b/c I love Hello Kitty! I was eye-ing this ring that my friend bought, and I saw it there! I was looking at it, and it cost $20.00. I didn't get it b/c i've been spending too much, and I already bought the necklace. So then, I walked away from it and I was looking around the store for some Hello Kitty mirrors. A few minutes later I turned around, and I saw my bf pointing out the ring to the cash register lady and he got it for me!!! aww. so sweet. So this is the ring that i've been wanting....

After the mall, my bf & I went to this comic book store. It's so cool in there. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Look at all those comic books...

We went to Northridge Mall ( yes another mall). They have this store there called Sagoi Life. It's an awesome store with a lot of anime toys. My bf bought two Street Fighter Collectable toys which are Ryu & Ken. He's such a kid lol. I also saw this cute Hello Kitty tray and he got it for me. I don't know if I should use it as a nail polish holder or a makeup holder.

I re-organized my nail polishes, and this is how it looks like. All my China Glaze polishes are in that holder, and the rest are different brands.

This is an example with my nail polishes in it:

Should I use it as a makeup tray that holds my Hello Kitty makeup???

After the mall, we ate out at Kabuki Sushi Restaurant. I didn't get to take pictures of it because I couldn't wait and I ate everything hahaha. Then, we watched Friday the 13th movie. It was their number 1 seller last night so we decided to watch it. It was ok, but I was too scared to watch it. I keep covering my eyes ahh. I hate murder scenes. Lots people like it thought b/c they all applaud after the movie was over. So that's all :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello Kitty Meets Che3kychick

Happy Early Valentines Day To ME!!!!!!!

I can't sleep so i decided to make a post of yesterday feb. 13. My baby and I went to the mall to pick up my brother's present for his gf. Then, my baby and I passed by the HelloKitty store, Disney store, and Build a Bear. He keeps looking & eye-ing around, and he ask me"What's better? Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh?" I replied back and said "Hello Kitty of course!" lol. We passed by Build a Bear, and we saw this cute Hello Kitty stuff toy! We decided to look around more. So he took me to the Sanrio store, and he told me to look around. I saw some kyooote stuff toys there, and he was about to get it for me but their clothes weren't that cute. So he took me back to Build a Bear! I didn't know he was going to get me a stuff toy. I was sooo happy :) !!!!! We picked out the clothes and he put hearts & a voice in it! We had to do this funny ceremony Build a Bear Dance lol. He helped me dress her up lol. I wanted to name the doll "Baby Gil" after him, but it's a girl doll so we just stuck with Hello Kitty as her name lol. Then after that, he took me back home because my brother called me literally 10 x's b/c he had to leave quick, and needed the present for his gf. And also, my friend Anna was waiting for me at my house because we were going to hang out for her b-day (yay!!!) So my bf dropped me off, and he kept the stuff toy b/c he said he wanted to give it to me on V-day! But I already know what it is so i dunno what he's up to lol. So after he took me home, my friend and I went to my house and stayed there for an hour. After hanging around the house, my friend and I decided to leave and head out for the mall. When we left the driveway, I saw my bf's car heading towards my house. My friend and I followed him back to my house, and he calls me on the phone. He asked me if we left alrady, and we said yes but we followed you back to my house. So i got out of my friend's car, and I went to my bf's car & he gave me my Build A Bear. I looked inside, and he got me MAC Hello Kitty Makeup! I was sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! ahhh! I wanted to try it out! thank u thank u thank u! So here are my early valentines gifts :) <3>
  • Hello Kitty Build a Bear
  • Mac Hello Kitty e/s quad. in "Lucky- Tom"
  • Mac Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in "Tahitian"
  • Mac Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in "Popster"

So after my bf dropped off my gifts, my friend and I went to the mall. My friend Anna and I are Hello Kitty crazy! We went to the Sanrio store and we bought some jewelry. She bought a cute hello kitty ring! I want one also! But they didn't have any left so I bought this cute necklace for $25! I'm loving it! I'm going to wear it later when my boyfriend takes me out for our Valentines Day Dinner.

A couple of days ago I went to the Topanga Mall, which is the biggest mall in California, with my friend ANNA again hehe. We went shopping! I got these cute Sugar lashes from Sephora for only $4.00! They are on sale.! i've been wanting Sugar lashes because I heard they work very well for Asian Eyes. I want more; however, I was lucky to get this one because it was the last lashes left! I wore it yesterday, and it's very comfortable. It made my eyes look bigger.

We went to forever 21 and I'm loving these Bohemian Style shirts for fall! It looks great with jean skirts or shorts! Lovely for the beach! Each Shirt cost only $17.80. I also bought matching belts. I got the top belt from Forever 21 for only $10. The bottom belt is from a store name Ayumi and it cost $20.00. It's a lil. pricey for a belt, but I don't have any so might as well get some.

I love the detail of this belt!

I also got two pairs of shoes! It was buy one get one 50% off. I spent $30 all together. I wanted to buy some other slipper; however, they didn't have my size :( The first shoe goes great with my skin tone! That's one reason why I bought it.

I love the buckle on this shoe! It goes great with skinny eans of leggings.

So that's all! That's my haul! I'm hoping to do a video soon :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's In My Makeup Bag? & My Weekend

Hi Guys! Here are some pictures of what's in my makeup bag! This is actually my on the go makeup bag. I carry this everywhere because I always sleep at my boyfriend's house, and if I don't have time during the morning I take this bag along with me to do my makeup in the car! It's practical to use.

I bought the bag from Victoria's Secret, which use to be $38.oo, I got it for $24 dut to their %40 off sale :) YAY for me! I love this bag! There are three pockets where I can keep all my eye stuff.

These Are the items that I bought from the Vegas CCO. I also bought a wrap dress from those carts at the middle of the mall. They gave me a good deal on it. It cost $50! I loveeee it! I can wear it to the beach and it's so pretty. I can do over 100 styles!

Mac Neo Sci- Fi Shimmer blush- $10.25
Mac Royal Asset e/s- $25

(BEWARE! Don't mind the pix. I don't have makeup on)
Chum Pow and I

I had a fun weekend. My Baby took me, Chum Pow, and Claire, his niece, to the park. Everyone loves CHum Pow! lol So many people keep coming up to us asking what type of dog she is, and they want to pet her even though there are so many other dogs at the park.

My Baby, Chum Pow, And Claire next to the stream at the park.

Chum Pow was sooo tired after walking around. She fell asleep in the car!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cute Cheap Clothes plus HANDBAGS

Large Shopping Bag

Charming Cannage Polochon, Black

Louis Vuitton
Damier Azur Speedy 35

Marila Plaid Shirt $27.80
I bought this shirt last week. My bf picked out the color lol. "A comfortable and casual plaid button down shirt with two chest pockets, rolled short sleeves, and hem that can be pulled up at the sides and secured with a button tab."

Chic Floral Satin Dress $24.80
"Look fashionably feminine in floral with this gorgeous sleeveless satin dress featuring tulle-enhanced lining that lends this dress its beautiful shape, an attached waist tie, and a hidden back zipper closure."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's in my bag/purse?

I keep forgetting to show my haul! I will update soon and hoping to find time to do a video of "What's in my makeup bag?"

Mean while... enjoy my youtube video of "What's in my bag/purse?"

Having FUN!

My boyfriend and I decided to eat after the mall and before we watch a movie called TAKEN. This restaurant is called A&W and it's supper delish asian restaurant! YUMMY!





I love this restaurant! Great costumer service, and their food is hella yummy plus affordable! The dishes are huge! We couldn't even finish half of it. So, after the restaurant my bf took me to the movies, and we watched TAKEN. It is such a good movie. 4 out of 5 stars for me. The story is interesting and unique. It is about a father who went to go after the people who kidnapped his daughter while her daughter was on a tour @ Paris! Those bad guys foo young female tourist that they want to take them out for a date and blah blah blah. Suddenly, those men kidnapps those females and sell them for prostitution! GRRR! The father worked for the government so he has skills and connections, which leads him to the bad guys who took his daughter. The movie is never boring! Lots of actions! So watch it if you want to know the ending!