Sunday, February 15, 2009

continuation of my Valentines Day!

Guess what I did on V-day! I went to A&W restaurant with my bf's family for lunch. OMG they ordered sooo much food! There were so many left overs left. Ahh i wanted to take pictures but they might think i'm weird lol. Anywayz, after we ate my bf & I went to Topanga Mall again lol. Yes I am a mall rat! We walked around and we went to the Sanrio store b/c I love Hello Kitty! I was eye-ing this ring that my friend bought, and I saw it there! I was looking at it, and it cost $20.00. I didn't get it b/c i've been spending too much, and I already bought the necklace. So then, I walked away from it and I was looking around the store for some Hello Kitty mirrors. A few minutes later I turned around, and I saw my bf pointing out the ring to the cash register lady and he got it for me!!! aww. so sweet. So this is the ring that i've been wanting....

After the mall, my bf & I went to this comic book store. It's so cool in there. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Look at all those comic books...

We went to Northridge Mall ( yes another mall). They have this store there called Sagoi Life. It's an awesome store with a lot of anime toys. My bf bought two Street Fighter Collectable toys which are Ryu & Ken. He's such a kid lol. I also saw this cute Hello Kitty tray and he got it for me. I don't know if I should use it as a nail polish holder or a makeup holder.

I re-organized my nail polishes, and this is how it looks like. All my China Glaze polishes are in that holder, and the rest are different brands.

This is an example with my nail polishes in it:

Should I use it as a makeup tray that holds my Hello Kitty makeup???

After the mall, we ate out at Kabuki Sushi Restaurant. I didn't get to take pictures of it because I couldn't wait and I ate everything hahaha. Then, we watched Friday the 13th movie. It was their number 1 seller last night so we decided to watch it. It was ok, but I was too scared to watch it. I keep covering my eyes ahh. I hate murder scenes. Lots people like it thought b/c they all applaud after the movie was over. So that's all :)


ilovepink said...

omg i have the hello kitty tray thingy too hehe i have like 3 of those in dif. sizes.. i got it at little tokyo in was cheap haha it was 3 for $5... hehe im using it as a makeup tray... aww we both have the ring now haha =) misss ya

Iyah said...

Girl, I soooo love Hello Kitty as much as you do! :) I got almost everything in that collection except for the accessories! :(

I so need to get that tray and some jewelries at Sanrio :) I also want your Build a bear HK! Sooo cuteee!!

Where did you buy your nail polish rack? I'm trying to build my nail polish collection.

My updated skin care? Almost everything that I reviewed is what I used on my face. Yes lots of products. Haha!

Iyah said...

Thanks! I am so in love with your ring! I gotta go check it out. :) Oh girl, my skin is not that great, I mean its better now but I still get a few acne here and there. I use BB cream thats probably why it looks glowy :)

Rezyel Valerie said...

aah that ring is beyond cute! i am too in my 'hello kitty phase' ;P

Jaimie said...

That ring is adorable, girl!

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