Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's In My Makeup Bag? & My Weekend

Hi Guys! Here are some pictures of what's in my makeup bag! This is actually my on the go makeup bag. I carry this everywhere because I always sleep at my boyfriend's house, and if I don't have time during the morning I take this bag along with me to do my makeup in the car! It's practical to use.

I bought the bag from Victoria's Secret, which use to be $38.oo, I got it for $24 dut to their %40 off sale :) YAY for me! I love this bag! There are three pockets where I can keep all my eye stuff.

These Are the items that I bought from the Vegas CCO. I also bought a wrap dress from those carts at the middle of the mall. They gave me a good deal on it. It cost $50! I loveeee it! I can wear it to the beach and it's so pretty. I can do over 100 styles!

Mac Neo Sci- Fi Shimmer blush- $10.25
Mac Royal Asset e/s- $25

(BEWARE! Don't mind the pix. I don't have makeup on)
Chum Pow and I

I had a fun weekend. My Baby took me, Chum Pow, and Claire, his niece, to the park. Everyone loves CHum Pow! lol So many people keep coming up to us asking what type of dog she is, and they want to pet her even though there are so many other dogs at the park.

My Baby, Chum Pow, And Claire next to the stream at the park.

Chum Pow was sooo tired after walking around. She fell asleep in the car!


Somaly said...

doggy!!!! anywho. jus wanted to swing by to see if you are interested in some contacts.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! Our loves are like twins! My fiance got me the HK build-a-bear too & MAC HK stuff.

:/ I keep my HK b.a.b in the box though, I already messed up the other 2 collectible he got me lol! They are like hardly stuffed now!

Great blog girl.