Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi Guys! Bath & Body works is having 75% off on selected items, and I couldn't resist! I bought 2 of their aromatheraphy body lotions in "STRESS RELIEF" and "SENSUAL". These two lotions smell sooo good! The one in Stress Relief (green bottle) has an aroma similar to that of a spa environment.It includes Sandalwood essential oil that relaxes and soothes the mind. Rose essential oil is also included which calms and brings balance and harmony. Smelling it relieves me from my stress. The second one, in Sensual (red bottle), smells like jasmine. This aroma awakens the senses. It includes Ylang-Ylang essential oil that boosts confidence and lifts the spirit. Also, it includes Myrth essential oil that helps you center yourself. The middle item in the picture is a body wash in Stress Relief. The whole bathroom smells so good after I use it, and get out of the shower. The scents are amazing. You do not have to keep re-applying it because the scent will last throughout the day.

Each of these originally cost $15. I got it on sale for $5.00 each. Good deal!

A few days later I went to Victoria's Secret and they were also having a sale! I bought "Beauty Rush" (left) flavored Appletini. This originally cost $8, but I got it for only $4. It smells like sweet green apples. It's a hydrating mist. This item contains 2 layers of skin conditioner & fragrance. You can actually see the two layers in the picture (the top part is green and the bottom is clear). This product needs to be shaken before use.

The product at the middle is called "Everything Refreshing Spray with natural citrus". This item is free of parabens, sulfites, petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin. It's 100% vegan ingredients. After spraying it on, it gives you a clean, healthy & refreshing feeling.

The product on the right is a kabuki retractable brush. It originally cost $20, but I got it only for $5. I haven't opened it yet; however, the bristles at the store display seems soft enough. It's not synthetic.

I went to the mall again yesterday and I bought a few items from the Body Shop with my friend Anna. They were having a sale. Buy 3 for $10. I got 3 makeup items for $10. The quality is great. I was not going to buy any item from the store until I saw the lipstick! It reminded me of the Paul & Joe. I love the color. It also reminded me of cute-ster from the Mac HK collection. The lipstick is moisturizing and watery. But I still recommend putting carmex as a base before using this product. I do not like the scent of the lipstick. It smells like the old cheap lipsticks. This lipstick alone was on sale for $8 so I just decided to get the 2 more items. I chose to get the 4 quad e/s in blue. It originally cost $22. The packaging is unique and cute. The colors are very pigmented. I used it today and i'm only liking it so far. Lastly, I bought the lightening touch concealer in 01. The only thing I don't like about this item is that it only contains 1.8 ml. That's small. I like how it brightens up my under eye circles. I'm not sure how much this product originally cost.

I also bought a $0.99 Wet & Wild eyebrow brown pencil from Target.

I love the packaging of this lippy!

This is how the concealer brush looks like:

Today, my bf and I ate at Yogurt Zone and some small sushi place. YUM! Their yogurt was sooo good. The price was also good! hehe It was only 4.35 for a large cup! Look at it! It's gigantic compared to pink berry. But I still love pink berry. I got the peach tart & vanilla flavor with mochi, non fat granola, and mango as my toppings. YUM :P

OMG this sushi is sooo good! Only $8.75. Ahhh i love salmon!

So that's it you guys. I bought a lot of clothes also but I'm so lazy to take pictures of them one by one. I want to do a video but I need to gather them up and it's going to take a while. I really need to update my youtube.

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Edna said...

Yay for sales! I really like their Aromatheraphy- in Sleep. I have both the spray and lotion for night time. I wanna try out the stress one. (I believe there's two different scents?)

Frozen yogurt is so yummy! I swear, more and more places are starting to add mochi in their menu. I remember only ONE place in the city had frozen yogurt + mochi and now a TON of places offer mochi too...